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name of office author of project: escritorio paulistano de arquitetura

name of project: novotex sulamericana

location: araras, são paulo, brazil

dates of start and end of project: 2008

dates of start and end of construction: 2009 and 2011

area: 2,900 m²


general information of the project:

The chemical industry Novotex Sulamericana is located in the municipality of Araras, 180 km from the capital, inland the state of São Paulo, along the Anhanguera highway in an industrial district. The architectural cluster consists of three functional blocks: Production and Product Storage, Administration and Laboratory, and General Lobby. The deployment defined a central access passage on the highest elevation of the land, finalized in a linear square that integrates all edifices.

The edifice for Production and Storage has an industrial typology: a shed solved in seven structural modules of 27.0 x 9.0 meters; pillars of concrete, cover with metal trusses, thermal and acoustic tiles, and closure with exposed concrete blocks. The solution for natural lighting and ventilation used translucent clerestory on the roof, and lower openings in the side closures.

The edifice for Administration and Laboratory consists of two storeys, and on the upper floor, a central void integrates the internal spaces. Access and reception occur at the intermediate level. The glass façades have insolation controlled by fixed horizontal louvers.

The master plan predicts the expansion of the Production edifice and the construction of a new building specifically for the Laboratories.


architecture team:

eduardo colonelli and silvio oksman (authors);

fabiana cyon, priscila azambuja, rodrigo lacerda (collaborators)


complementary projects:

structure: oficina de arquitetura e estrutura 

hydraulic and electric installations: engineer lucelino laranjeira

air conditioning: coldexpress


construction: plaege construtora



brises and liners: hunter douglas

raised floor: giroflex

tiles: cecrisa