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Located on a site of 32,000 m2 where the old textile factory Moinho Santista S/A used to be, in the East Zone of the city, SESC Belenzinho unit - Social Service of Commerce - had a history of 14 years before the inauguration of the current edifice. For some years the cluster was named "Provisional Belenzinho Unit", and the program was adapted to the 10 000 m2 of the old factory buildings by the architecture practice Königsberger Vannucchi. For the current project, inaugurated in 2010 with approximately 51 000 m2, only two of the original buildings have been partially preserved and incorporated to house the board of SESCSP, the others were demolished to build the definitive cluster. The unit has areas for sports practice, dental clinic, living and reading areas, theater, exhibition and performance spaces, areas for food and a water complex, where there is a glass covering for the pool located in the main building, which functions simultaneously as flooring for the users who walk in the great central hall with high ceilings - the heart of the unit.