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With an industrial language, by the side of the prestigious Lina Bo Bardi project – Sesc Pompéia – the project has big openings and transparencies, letting the kitchen be in sight, stimulating who passes by the restaurant.

The doors incline like garage gates which allows them to work as a protection and makes it possible for the customers to occupy the sidewalk.

The restaurant’s furniture dismembers into long tables or collective benches making the customers more comfortable, also the space grows to the sidewalk with embedded supports in the façade, with lighting and an attached bench.

A mobile couch was projected with a glass backrest to give access to the kitchen that may leave the passage opened or closed.

This area is coated with plywood and camouflages the bathroom doors, office and storage, it has an acoustic function and separates the customers’ room from the kitchen and has white finishes and stainless steel equipments.


Authors: Thiago Passos and Fernando Brandão

Collaborators: Lucas Lavecchia, Mônica Valêncio and Francisca Marzotto

Beginning of the project: 2014

Conclusion of work: 2015

Intervention area: 92m