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The project SENAI Bragança Paulista was the first to follow the PPM (Projeto Padrão Modular), which was developed by NPC Grupo Arquitetura. Defined by creating a pattern to be followed on the constructions of all unities of SENAI in São Paulo, adapting itself to the needs of each one. This makes it easier on the constructions as much as on the management of the school’s visual identity.

Location: Bragança Paulista, SP

Ground area: 25.158 m2

Project area: 12.193 m2

Architecture and Interiors: NPC Grupo Arquitetura - Cláudia Nucci e Valério Pietraróia (authors); Rafael Montezi e Renata Buschinelli (contributors); Thalita Oliveira e Carolina Laterzza de Almeida (team)

Landscaping: Koiti Mori e Klara Kaiser Arquitetos Associados

Structure: Cia. de Projetos - Heloísa Maringoni (metalic); Cláudio
Puga & Engenheiros Associados (concrete)

Foundations: ZF & Engenheiros Associados

Work’s director board team: Solange Carneiro (projects supervision); Fausto Shiguemitsu Natsui (projects coordination)

Management: Ductor

Construction: Guarany