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Designed by the couple of architects Ana Lucia Longato and Ciro Pirondi, this house of simple lines, located in Mogi das Cruzes, was carefully thought out. With a little less than 500 m2 of built area, the house has a large front garden open to the street, and two inner courtyards: the central one with lawn, a wooden deck and swimming pool; and another at the back, towards which the bedrooms open. A wide walkway – which also functions as workplace and study – located along the wall opens to the central courtyard, and organizes the different ambiances of the house by connecting the front formed by the living room, kitchen and toilet, to the back where the bedrooms and bathrooms are located. Another highlight of the project is a large piece of furniture that runs through the internal and external ambiances, functioning inside as cabinet for the living room and kitchen, and sheltering outside services such as gas installations and pantry.