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Reconfiguration of a family apartment for living and to be the atelier for an illustrator. All the original installations were renewed and a few seals were opened, integrating and illuminating the spaces of living and work.

On the proposal, simple and usual materials were adopted. A neutral environment so the artist’s works and her belongings would be highlighted. The trans lucid fan-light gate between the atelier and the living room, that allows total integration or separations of these spaces; the apparent cement bench runs along the room and serves as a talking and exposing location; and the colorful exposed kitchen.

The former maid’s bedroom became a closet that is connected to a room and the laundry room. The bathrooms were reformulated so they would be more illuminated and functional. The finishing adopted was pinewood on the cabinets, apparent cement on the counters, white tiles of 15x15cm on the walls and white hexagonal tablets on the bathtub volume.

Location: Oscar Freire Street, 1667

Architecture: Claudia Bresciani e Júlia Risi

Area: 130 m²

Project Date: February 2014

Work Date: March - September 2014