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The edifice, located on Paulista Avenue, is formally composed of a glass prism supported by a solid volume. The glass volume comprises balconies arranged in parallel laminas adjacent to the cluster. This form of composition gives hierarchy to the formal reading of the edifice.

The land had constraints that defined some conceptual design solutions. The volumetric mass and the plan are consequences of the use of the extremely narrow land. Its situation next to Casa das Rosas, an important cultural heritage edifice, ensures that the views of the entire side facade are kept in constant interaction with the preservation area garden, and the axis of Paulista Avenue.

The relation with the historical and cultural heritage occurs in the visual and chromatic context through dark metal plates of the balconies, which mimic the grey slate roof of Casa das Rosas. The composition of these plates, in different alternate tones, refers to the facades of some iconic buildings of the modernist era on Paulista Avenue, as the Paulicéia Edifice.


Location: São Paulo, SP - Brazil

Year of Project: 2010

Built area: 12,267.21 m²