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The strategy to reorganize the program of this residence starts from the peculiar organization of its volumes with the potency to create a cadence of independent spaces that develop along the unusual path. The project focused in the reform of the edicule located in front of the house, which the blind façade, facing the street, had a graffiti made by an artist of the neighbourhood and valued by the client. The first measure was to remove the temporary construction that were in the external area followed by the reorganizing of the openings, doors and windows, seeking to integrate fluidly the internal and external spaces. The courtyard spaces and halls were readjusted to create more opened spaces, taking the earth’s movement, a cistern was implanted to capture the rain water, which demanded the reconfiguration of the water supply of the residence. Lastly two final moves close the path: the multiplying of the external area through the creation of a rooftop above the edicule and the opening straight from the kitchen to the external area by the creation of a new circulation. The project seeks to contrast the new additions coating them in wood that in its turn rise in the façade as a messenger of this intervention, respecting the morphology of the neighbourhood and the graffiti wall. Creating a new scenery in the articulation between the courtyard, garden, rooftop and residential programs giving new meaning to the relation of the volumes in the previous residence in Vila Anglo.