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Quest is the name of the commercial building concluded in 2016 according to MM18’s project, in the center of Tamboré, a planned neighborhood and adjacent to Alphaville, in Santana do Parnaíba, metropolitan region of São Paulo.

The building has four pavements and two undergrounds, all of them with free slabs of around a thousand square meters of useful area.

The free blueprint of each pavement was a requirement of the incorporator, whom wished to have freedom of use to offer to his future tenants.

In order to attend this requirement, it was opted to use pre-molded structure: pillars, beams, and slabs were transported whole to the construction sites, lifted and set up in loco. The pillars, are only bodies, structured from the slab of the ground floor to the rooftop, which guaranteed the savings in the work and more available area.

With closings in metallic tiles and volumes that highlight the facade, the building gains identity with the blueprint that has a cut angle, like a razor blade, then that’s the name well liked to be given to this project: Blade Building.

The work occupies a plateau with a privileged view of the surroundings and takes advantage of this condition, with openings on all sides. Beyond that, the ground floor dialogues with the public space through a square that is uneven. Opened to the street, it invites the passer-by to use the stores and restaurants that will occupy this pavement.

Beginning of the Project: November/13

Work’s conclusion: November/15

Terrain area: 2.575 m2

Built area: 6.395 m2

Architecture: MM18

Interiors: MM18

Landscaping: MM18

Technical Lighting: MM18

Structure: PP Painéis Pré-fabricados em Concreto e lajes.

Electric and Hydraulic: SENTEC

Construction: SENTEC