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The Brookfield Towers is established as an architectural icon of Goiania given its magnificence and volumetric sophistication. As well as standing out in the urban environment, it also ensures a harmonious ambience with the city, expressed through the sensitivity with which it articulates the transition between the external/internal spaces, materialized by a semi-public square that enhances the corner as urban entity for encounters and social vitality.

It is a mixed-use development distinguished by its healthy combination of trade and services along with housing, while the plurality of functions takes place both in the horizontal and vertical planes, which grants it an even more special character.

The consolidation of the functional diversity, reflecting a versatile lifestyle contributes to the intensification of flows that favour the enrichment of the social, professional, and cultural quality, as well as the leisure activities for all its users.


Typology: Mixed Use

Client: Brookfield Incorporações

Land area: 7,477.09 m²

Built area: 35,998.33 m²

Number of towers: 1 residential tower, 1 office tower and 1 mall.

Number of units: 252 business rooms, 142 residential units and 102 corporate offices