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It is a residence in an urban lot with dimensions of 5X30 meters in the central area of ​​São Paulo.

The project sought to explore the inner spaces, through voids to better illuminate the environments, while enhancing the needed program.

The sloping terrain was also explored, creating a living room ambience with a higher ceiling.

The construction is simple with modulated structure on the lateral borders.

References to this structure are exposed uncoated, when isolated from masonry, to emphasize its constructive system.

An extensive program required small spaces, but at the same time fluid, allowing full transparency of the construction at its extremities.


Author: Gilberto Belleza

Team: Architect Vanessa Bucelli, Architect Heloisa Castro

Structure Project: Engineer Waldir Pomponio

Facilities Project: Engineer Waldir Mirhan

Construction: Architect directed contractor MTR


other collaborators:

Landscaping: Architect Raul Pereira

Interior - Architect Rafael Urano Frajndlich

Structure Project: Engineer Waldir Pomponio

Facilities Project: Waldir Engineer Mirhan

Construction: Architect directed the contractor MTR