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The House on Querosene Hill, inaugurated in 2008, distributes its 360 m2 on three levels, the ground floor being the intermediate one. This characteristic, an unfolding of the topography of the land, allowed the house to possess ample openings in social areas, with a high ceiling that unites all levels visually. The privacy of the residents is ensured in the block that aggregates the vertical circulation and intimate areas. The social area still supports a large library, visible from every level.


Autor: Alvaro Puntoni.

Collaborators: João Sodré e Jonathan Davies.

Structure: Eduardo Duprat.

Hidraulic and Eletric: Ramoska+Castellani.

Construction: Roberto Growald


Honorable Mention – Carlos Barjas Millan Award 2006 - IAB / SP (Category: Built Projects)