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Started in 2010 and finished in 2015, with the first phase completed in 2012, Real Parque Housing is a project for reurbanization of the homonymous slum. It counts on about 47.300,00 m² of built area, placed in the city of São Paulo, at the Morumbi district, 9,4 kilometers away from the Sé square. The 1.252 housing units are be distributed in 11 blade-buildings, composed of various typologies and accessible by staircases and galleries. The cluster has leisure areas and features other similar areas, further on a park equipped with an institutional building and a nursery.


Architecture: Escritório Paulistano de Arquitetura

Responsible Architects: Eduardo Colonelli (Escritório Paulistano), Geni Sugai (SEHAB/HABI-Sul) and Jeferson Diniz (SEHAB/HABI-3)

Team: Eduardo Gurian e Fernando Botton (coordination)

Bruno Nicoliello, Juliana Blanaru, Lourenço Rebelo de Andrade, Mayra 

Rodrigues, Marcelo Anaf, Marina Colonelli, Michelle Waisblut, Renan Kadomoto

Landscape: Plínio de Toledo Piza

Techninal Lighting: Cia de Iluminação

Frame Consulting: Arqmate

Structure: Modus Engenharia de Estruturas (blocks H, I1 e I2)

Steng Engenharia de Projetos (block A and institutional building)