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Inaugurated in 2009, Pier House is a weekend residence for a young couple of sailors. For the only 60 m2, the architects proposed two distinct interconnected volumes: one vertical, containing the bedroom, the kitchen and bathrooms –whitewashed, with doors and windows of wooden mashrabiya. The other block, horizontal, was done with wooden structure and closing metal tiles, and can be used both as a garage for the boat and as a living room for its residents.


Autor: Gabriel Grinspum | Co-autor: Mariana Simas | Estagiária: Isabel Sperry


Ex-Equo Honorable Mention - Young Architects Award 2009 - IAB-SP (Category: Built Work)

Finalist - Award "Best in Architecture" 2009 – Arquitetura e Construção Magazine / Ed. Abril (Category: Beach Residence)

Honorable Mention - Best of the Year Awards 2009 - Interior Design Magazine (Category: Beach Residence)