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Bairro (neighborhood) is both the name and concept that supports this experimental school that belongs to and was made for childhood. It is considered a piece of urban equipment for socialization, dissemination and systematization of historic and universally constructed knowledge. Its objective is to introduce babies and children to general human culture though the social, emotional and cognitive tools that are available and appropriate. The four elements of Nature – Earth, Water, Air and Fire – form the grounds of our Inquiry-based Pedagogy. For us, children are simultaneously diverse and unique, since they’re historic, social, emotional, cognitive and cultural beings. By receiving education based on hearing, interactions, games and inquiry, children can become active, solidary, cooperative and the protagonists of a fairer and more sustainable society. The architecture of the school was intentionally designed to create a place where multiple experiences take place stimulating children’s inborn curiosity towards the elements of Nature, different types of language and knowledge. All of which are going to be constructed over time and by taking ownership of the wide external areas, even those that are complimentary to the school. It has internal and external areas that communicate to each other through hollow, transparent and integrated construction elements enabling the human and natural spheres to be present and easily accessible on a daily basis. The spaces are intended for multiple uses, enabling activities involving water or not. The furniture was specially designed to encourage play-based learning, individual activities or group work. Mobile stations work as mini-libraries, carpentry, sewing, drawing, painting, modeling, music and photography studios. Fewer walls and more windows enable babies and children to build their knowledge and skills in order to understand and tackle simple issues that affect their lives and the environment in situations where real and challenging learning takes place.