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Galeria Millan, founded in 1986, is one of the most important galleries in Brazil, representing lots of artists of international reach. The gallery’s headquarter was projected in 2004 by the architects Sérgio Kipnis and Fernando Millan, and is placed at Fradique Coutinho Street, 1360 in São Paulo. In the last few years the gallery grew and the demand for a bigger space emerged, therefore the same pair of architects was summoned to make the project of Anexo Galeria Millan that is placed 50 meters from the original Gallery.


In the terrain, there was previously a house, half of it was demolished so that the architects could better seize the space. At the arrival, there is a ramp that leads from the sidewalk to a big courtyard that is placed in front of the new gallery. The sliding doors give a dynamic design to the anexo’s facade, that starts at one side with a reception that occupies around a third of the terrain’s width. In the other two thirds, there is a great room that receives the visitors, with a ceiling-height of 6 meters, this room can harbor large-sized works of art. Following in direction of the back, another sliding door takes to a big pavilion with a lower ceiling-height. In parallel with the pavilions, continuing the reception’s line, there is a scullery, bathrooms and a small garden. At the back of the terrain a reserved area for customers’ attendance and the collection of art works, is placed.