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With a space for 30.000 people, the stadium is considered one of the most original and charming in the world. The Municipal Stadium of Braga or “The Quarry” as it’s known, was built on the mountains of Monte Carlo, in Braga, Portugal, and it has this nick name for being implanted within a deactivated quarry.

This place gives the stadium an unusual and dashing structure; granite walls and a view for the nature that surrounds it along with the apparent concrete makes the shapes of the project stronger, and all that contemplated it with so many important prizes like the Secil Prize on the category of architecture and civil engineering.

The entrances are accessible in different levels, one by the lower level and the other by the upper level. The bleachers are vertical and allow a privileged view of the field in any place that the fans find themselves and also they are covered with steel cables that go through the field and has as a reference the ancient bridges made by the Incas.

With night lighting, the stadium presents itself as its most suggestive, emphasizing its three-dimensional features.

Location: Braga

Construction Period: 2002-2003

Work’s Owner: Câmara Municipal de Braga

Engineering Project: Rui Furtado

Architecture Project: Eduardo Souto de Moura