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In some situations, the architectural project must not only attend to the traditional variants of the projects, but also to the work’s deadlines. The enlargement of the school’s installations means a challenge between the quality of the final product and the attendance to a short time of execution. 

Therefore, this project of  enlargement of a school in Alto de Pinheiros imposed a work to be executed in 150 days.

The structural party was defined from the premise to speed up the time of construction: structure in apparent concrete that supports itself in a metallic structure that overcomes a structural gap of 11m. The roofing is made with pre-molded slabs that support themselves on the metallic beams. 

As for the wood structure built right after the disassembly of the main pillars forms, sustains the slabs of the first pavement.

Architects: Catherine Otondo – Base Urbana

Marina Grinover – Base Urbana

Jorge Pessoa – Pessoa Arquitetos

Team: Florencia Testa, Leandro Leão, Lívia Marquez, Luisa Fecchio, Matheus Tonelli, Tânia Helou, Tiago Testa, Patricia Mieko

Work’s management and technical coordination: Marcondes Ferraz Engenharia

Construction: Marcondes Ferraz Engenharia

Wood structure: ITA Construtura