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Placed in one of the most charming corners of Santos Lane, Alameda Santos Corporate was deployed to exploit fully its privileged location. The access to the building designed as a large "welcome mat" is flanked on the corner by a small grove of flowering trees.

The edifice is composed of two juxtaposed 10-storey blocks, one being a crystal monolith, and the other a denser block excavated by asymmetric openings, which create an unusual ludic counterpoint between them.


Work: Alameda Santos Corporate

Location: Corner of Alameda Santos and Rua Leôncio de Carvalho - São Paulo - SP

Date of start of project: 2011

Date of work completion: 2014

Land area: 1,497.00 m²

Built area: 9,772.10 m²

Number of floors: 10


Architecture: Königsberger Vannucchi Arquitetos Associados - Jorge Königsberger and Gianfranco Vannucchi (authors); Alexandre Daud, Felipe Rossi, Ismael Lopes, Liliane Caparelli, Luis Boscardini, Matheus Alves, Pilar Lorenzo, Ricardo Felipe and Sandra Dellarole (collaborators)

Interior: Débora Aguiar

Landscaping: EKF Associados

Structure: Ávila Engenharia

Air Conditioning / Pressurization / Exhaust: Willen Scheepmaker e Associados

Facilities: SKK Projetos

Foundation: MG & A Consultores de Solos

Masonry: Addor

Construction: Even Engenharia