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The house was designed for a family of aviators in São José dos Campos. A 625m2 terrene with a 4m acclivity that even though is inserted in an uneven ground, manifests itself as a storey house. For that end, on the first level there is just the atelier and the garden, right above, the dining room, living room, kitchen and three bedrooms. The central yard was projected to illuminate the whole house. The slabs, which has two different heights, is apparent just like the concrete used in a few parts of the house and the structural blocks that close the house up.


Jorge Pessoa – Pessoa Arquitetos

Catherine Otondo – Base Urbana

Marina Grinover – Base Urbana

Contributor: Otávio Vaz Kovacs

Team: Lívia Marquez, Matheus Tonelli, Patricia Mieko, Paula Saad, Julie Trickett, Thaís Marcussi, Juliana Barsi, Fernando Túlio, Marinho Velloso, Rebeca Grinspum e Régis Sugaya

Construction: Sílvia Labinas