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The FL 4300 is a complex of mixed use constituted by three towers in the shape of a “U”. The corporative tower has its main façade turned to Faria Lima Avenue, important route of São Paulo city.

Built inside a 13.000m2 terrene, the recoil of the buildings of different heights, allows an area of approximately 1.280m2 in which was implanted a forested square opened to the general public, with a few restaurants, this space involves living places, working places and cohabitation places perfectly.

Location: São Paulo

Project: 2009

Terrain area: 13,000 m²

Constructed area: 70,683 m²

Storeys: 11 (commercial), 16 (residential) and 15 (corporate)

Height: 48 m (commercial), 72 m (residential), 76 m (corporate)

Type: Mixed use / Commercial / Residential / Corporate